Looking back at 2018

A letter of business thoughts and sustainability

2018 has been a good year for us, as we have been able to develop new methods to produce our products more efficient without the compromise of quality. We strive to make the best products as possible without any compromise. This means we are able to expand to new markets in the future by having more free resources. Our biggest accomplishment for us in 2018 was the implementation of donating trees for every bowtie sold. We want to be part of the solution to environmental change. Tversover does not want to be a business that participates in any way to the climate problem, but rather be a business of positive impact on the planet.

This is a difficult problem as when you produce goods there is a lot of impacts occurring in the supply chain. We want to address the different impacts that we have to be responsible for and how we can solve them. Turning issues to opportunities.


The concept of return on environmental impact

Negative environmental impact / Positive environmental impact

The new way of measure return.

The new measurement of return is more prominent than the traditional ways to measure return. Financial return is critical for business survival. We need to understand that there will be no businesses in the next decades to come if don’t shift our business mindsets that ROEI is just as important. Without a planet, there is no business.

Every time you are spending money. You are casting a vote on what kind of world you want.

We want to inspire by action on how business may contribute to making the world a little bit better.